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Feedback Feature for Sitters

Your sitter or dog walker has the option to leave feedback about your pet(s) after each booking. This feedback will help sitters better understand the needs and behaviours of your pet, and determine whether they’re a good fit before you meet.

Here’s how the feedback process works: 

  • You and your sitter will have 21 days after a booking ends to submit your feedback.
  • You won’t be able to see their feedback (nor will they see your review) until you’ve both submitted or until the window has closed. Once you leave your review, it’s locked and can't be edited.
  • Your review will show up on the sitter’s profile. Your sitter’s feedback will only be shared directly with you via email. Eventually, it'll appear on your pet’s profile page and be visible to future sitters.


Where can I see the review I left for a sitter and the feedback they left for me?

Reviews you’ve left for your sitter show up on the sitter’s profile. If your sitter decides to leave feedback, it'll be shared with you via email only after the time window closes (or after you've also submitted your review). Eventually, this will be displayed on your pet’s profile, which is visible to you and any sitters you contact to request pet care. We’ll let you know once your pet’s feedback becomes visible.

Can I reply to the feedback that sitters have left for me?

There isn't a way to reply directly to feedback, but you can always follow up with your sitter directly via Rover Messages. You can also help your sitter and pets have a good experience by filling out your pet's profile with detailed care instructions and information on their unique needs. This article explains how to edit a pet's profile.

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